Article spinner x wing

Article spinner x wing

His little imitation with the Twinkle Organza wing out fished every fly I had, and the Twinkle Wing Spinner became a part of my fishing vocabulary and fly tying efforts. On a tiny Trico Imitation even a tiny bit of flare is enough. But on a size 12 Hendrickson, a little flare is certainly not enough. I tried many different approaches to make the fibers flare, and finally hit upon a method that works every time.

Furthermore, I added the bent shank hook approach that I use on the duns and found it to help the fly snuggle into the film like the natural. It has a fan tail, dubbed body, and hackle wound X-style and trimmed top and bottom. Typically on larger hooks I use the handles of my scissors to bend the front of the hook upward. On small hooks I use a pair of fine needle nose pliers. The wing will lie in the bend. The strip should be longer than the wings.

Note the dubbing on the thread, ready to be used to make the thorax once the wings have been locked in tightly with figure 8 wraps of thread. Pull the winging material back and clip both wings at one time.

Make them as long as the rear of the hook bend. Then use a dubbing brush to comb out the cross fibers in the wings. Twinkle Organza is a super-trigger that will draw a fish out of its feeding lane. Wing this tying tactic it can be used on any of the medium to large spinner imitations as well as on the tiny stuff. The Series books are available signed and personalized via my eBay store. Unsigned copies of books at the basic retail price are available here or from other angling book retailers.

A special "Series Pass" for all 20 books is also being offered.

article spinner x wing

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article spinner x wing

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article spinner x wing

Halloween Masks. Halloween Weapons and Armor. Italian Pride. Outdoor Decor. Pet Costumes. Philips Color Kinetics.X-Wing Conceptual Aircraft. Background The X-Wing is one of a number of concepts proposed to combine the hovering capabilities of the helicopter with the speed potential of fixed wing aircraft. It has the promise of breaking the trend of VTOL aircraft where higher speed requires higher hovering disc loadings weight of the aircraft divided by the area of the rotor disc, expressed as lbs.

Because of its low hovering disc loading plus the power to fly at high subsonic speeds, a two-engined X-wing aircraft could hover and fly a good portion of its flight envelope on only one engine. Cheesman employed the Coanda principal to create and then modulate the lift on a cylindrical rotor blade. The Coanda principle is that if air is blown tangentially over a surface it will adhere and follow the surface until the curvature gets too great and it detaches.

Thus it can be used as a virtual flap on an airfoil. He believed that such a rotor could be stopped and started in flight if used on a winged vehicle, and employed only for takeoff and landing. The rotor would then be stopped and stowed for cruise efficiency. X-Wing promised high subsonic speeds with low disc loading. Engineers at the U. Using available small turboshaft engines, a flight envelope of approximately Mach 0.

Following the feasibility activity, a flight worthy rotor system design and fabrication was initiated in mid, with whirl tower testing commencing in late In the spring ofthe test module entered the NASA Ames 40 x 80 wind tunnel for seven weeks of exhaustive testing. During this period the system was tested in helicopter, fixed-wing, and conversion flight modes with the moment feedback control system in open- and closed-loop operation.

Lockheed 25 ft. The X-wing was perhaps the most technically challenging concept Sikorsky had ever worked on. The blades also have to be extremely stiff since two of them become forward-swept wings in the stopped rotor flight mode. The starting and stopping sequence requires complex high-frequency manipulation of the circulation control valving system to provide controllable forces and moments during the conversion process.

This requires the latest in the state-of-the-art in computation capability to control the process. Other technical challenges included the design of large compressor to provide the circulation control air, and a high energy clutch and a brake to start and stop the rotor.

Hub moment feedback was required to control the rotor in conversion. Both the technical challenges and achievement of the full aircraft potential were major steps in the state-of-the-art.

Two design teams were established at Sikorsky.

The second worked on how to test these systems on the RSRA. Much detailed work was required on all the disciplines involved. A detailed 10 foot diameter wind tunnel model was developed to optimize the design. Testing with this model began in December, at Sikorsky. In June, it was tested in the United Technologies large-scale wind tunnel for forward flight tests prior to the actual RSRA flight test. Propulsion System Test Bed with dummy blades. Initial tests used dummy blades for development of the pnuemodynamic system from the compressor inlet to the blade root.

Then the blades were installed for a full system test. The Vehicle Management Systems Laboratory. The four computers were tied to a full set of aircraft sensors, hydraulics, electric power and actuation components, as well as a fixed-base cockpit. All the aircraft instrumentation was duplicated. Hundreds of operational hours were accumulated on the system prior to the start of the flight test program. This VMSL became the prototype for all subsequent Sikorsky flight control system integration laboratories.

All of this came together on the RSRA test aircraft.I get the impression from this article the X-Wing is seriously unbalanced or dramatically getting that way. Even toward the end he says "Unfortunately the list of hamstrung fighters is longer than just those 2 ships". This line, in particular, stood out to me as a succinct, cogent summation of one of the developing power-creep issues in the game:. One thing, though -- this is not something you ever want to write in an essay meant to be persuasive to complete strangers:.

Theorist is a well known contributor to the community. He runs regular tournaments on vassal, is a member of the Scum and Villainy podcast hasn't been on very many of the recent episodes though - life gets in the wayand many consider him to be one of the top "minds" in the game.

He raises some valid concerns in the article, and some of the proposed cards seem like good additions to the game. I have high respect for Theorist as we were both around during wave 1 and I've read a lot of his stuff, but that one line made me chuckle. Theorist is definitely correct about a lot of these points and he has been right more than wrong historically.

To the degree that's true, it's because we have 1 an exceptions-based ruleset that 2 is always growing.

Q&A: Which spin wings should you pick?

But since the whole piece is vague and theoretical, it's hard to demonstrate whether it's true or not. Of course, one could take a look at List Juggler and actually provide some empirical backup, but Theorist doesn't bother to do that. Part of the reason it's unpersuasive is because it's fatuously self-regarding, and the other part is because it's actually really easy to find things he got drastically wrong.

Theorist is a well known contributor to the community Theorist is a relentlessly longwinded narcissist, and that's it. He has very little understanding of this game, of game design in general, or of how to interact with other humans. He also has a bad habit of convincing himself of an argument and then ignoring any and all contravening evidence, logic, or expertise. I have zero respect for Theorist, as we were both around during Wave 1 and I've read a lot of his stuff.

Best line: "It's going to get worse if it doesn't get better. EDIT: I've finished reading the post and while I agree with some of his observations I disagree with most of his conclusions.

I do hope FFG pays attention to articles like this when they try to determine where to take the game, some good points here. As Vorpal, and a few others, can well you I've been less and less enthused about the growing complexity, which others appreciate as depth, and the seemingly endless fixes.

After reading this I was thinking 'you know what, maybe I am in the wrong game and it will take another 8 waves to fix what we have then another 8 to fix the previous 8'. Most, so far, seem to side with Theorist and Vorpal turns another direction. My biggest concern is when ever I see someone imply 'hire me and all of your issues will be solved'.

They could be right but at that point I'm a skeptic; just sayin'. However, I just didn't think it was that bad so I wanted some opinions first. I don't think the X-Wing is that bad, sure it could use another nudge.

I'm excited about Imperial Veterans but really, really hope it doesn't introduce imbalance or power creep. If you remember I use a broader definition of 'power creep' than the traditional view. I might agree that with the bunches of new upgrades one thing we have seen is less reliance on dice with more auto-damage upgrades.

Perhaps that is a good thing but it does introduce a weakness in ships that can't adjust. So I'm in the middle here. I think the article may be pretty far off base in my limited experience; I think X-Wing is still mostly balanced'. But increased power output has changed the game. My issues with the game are different however. One point Theorist doesn't mention is the timed tournament.

Putting a huge emphasis on offense, while making some ships obsolete, does push toward faster games and more chances to complete the games in a tournament setting. I feel like the current minute time limit is doing a pretty good job in the current meta of allowing games to finish.

If we start increasing defensive options, that is going to change.Adrian Tippins discusses what type of spin wings to go for when making the switch from plastic vanes….

The thing to remember is that as the stabilisation increases so does the level of drag which can cut down on arrow speed and distance as well as making the arrow more susceptible to cross wind drift.

Can you help? Spin vanes stabilise, steer and spin the arrow.

article spinner x wing

To do all of these successfully, all three of the above elements have to be correct. The length of vane needed is directly proportionate to the length and weight of the arrow. Stabilisation can be gained from having a taller vane, but this can lead to some clearance problems for recurve archers. A better way is to opt for low-profile vanes on recurve arrows and up the length as necessary. In most cases a 50mm or 1. The shape and profile of the vanes has a big part to play in the stability stakes.

Vanes that have a small shield cut rear will offer a higher degree of stability as the cut efficiently disperses divergent air currents. Vanes that have a smooth parabolic shape will have slippery aerodynamics and maximise arrow speed. Vanes such as XS-Wings employ the design of a steep leading edge. These have been really popular with customers over the past few years.

On exiting the bow a wing grabs the air and fills up like a ships sail which starts the arrow rotating. If the air pressure is too high from the power of the bow and the wing is too floppy it will distort and lose its efficiency. This why a lot of companies have now moved to stiffer materials and now mark the stiffness grades on their merchandise to offer the end user a choice. Compound shooters will certainly need pretty stiff wings.

Sikorsky Product History

The curvature of vanes also differ greatly. Different manufacturers have different approaches on aerodynamics. A good example of this is the new KSL Jet 6 vanes.

These are ribbed to channel air out the back of the arrow and minimise the vortex stream giving quicker stabilisation and diminishing the effects of archers paradox. As wings are easily attached and removed, why not try asking fellow archers if you can borrow a few to try on an arrow? Hopefully you can get a few different kinds to pitch head to head in an attempt to detect the differences and make an informed decision from the test. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Adrian Tippins discusses what type of spin wings to go for when making the switch from plastic vanes… The thing to remember is that as the stabilisation increases so does the level of drag which can cut down on arrow speed and distance as well as making the arrow more susceptible to cross wind drift. Tagged with: adrian tippinsarcherarcheryarrow vanesarrowsbowBow Internationalcustom made arrowsplastic vanesspin wing arrowsspin wingsvanes Posted in FAQsFeatures.

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